Concise History Tasks and Fields
of Operation
The War of
Independence (H)
and Commanders
In Memory of
Our Friends (H)
Documentation &
Further Information
Haganah Membership Organization
Haganah Historical Archive
Israel Defense Force Archive
Stockade and Watchtower reconstructed site - Gan Hashlosha
The Yisrael Galili Society for the Research of the Defense Force
Underground Prisoners Museum - Jerusalem
Underground Prisoners Museum - Acco
Beit Hagdudim Museum
Beit Yigal Alon Museum
Juara Museum
The Eliyahu Golomb Haganah Museum
Illegal Immigration and Navy Museum
The Palmach Museum
Hashomer Museum
The Lowland ('Shephelah) Museum - An Educational Museum Center
Ayalon Institute - Ta'ass (Military Industry)