Concise History Tasks and Fields
of Operation
The War of
Independence (H)
and Commanders
In Memory of
Our Friends (H)
Documentation &
Further Information
Prior to the Hagana
The establishment of the Hagana organization
The foundations of the Hagana
Activity during the early years
Organizational structure and combat forces
Hagana during the Arab Riots of 1936-1939
Command & training
Development of Military Strategy
Hagana during World War II, 1939-1945
Covert weapon manufacturing and purchasing
Hagana & the Yishuv
Illegal Immigration to Mandatory Palestine
Women of the Hagana
The struggle against the British Government in Palestine
Hagana and Extremist Sprinter Groups
Hagana operations around the world
The War of Independence 12/47-5/48 - Hagana fights and contains the advancing Arab forces
The War of Independence - Hagana becomes the formal army of Israel (Israel Defense Force - IDF)