Concise History Tasks and Fields
of Operation
The War of
Independence (H)
and Commanders
In Memory of
Our Friends (H)
Documentation &
Further Information
Members of headquaters and the general staff throughout the years
Chiefs of staff and I.D.F chiefs that were members of the "Hagana"
A list of districts, regions, cities, field comp
Regiment commanders during the transition from "Hagana" into becoming I.D.F and during the war of independence
Platoon commanders training course commanders and instructers, and nain instruction figures
The graduates of the "Hgana" platoon commanders training course
The graduates of the "Hagana" platoon commanders training course


Kachlesky (Katzir) Efraim, Class no.10

Kadishman Rehavya, Class no.15

Kafra Pinchas, Class no.17

Kaltzky Tzipora, Class no.1

Kamin (Kaminker) Baruch, Class no.1 (1948)

Kaminsky Jacob, Class no.17

Kaminsky Josef, Class no.1 (1948)

Kaminsky Tzvi, Class no.11

Kaner Ben-Ami, Class no.16

Kantor Menahem, Class no.15

Kaplan Abraham, Class no.17

Kaplan Abraham, Class no.9

Kaplan Aryeh, Class no.1 (1948)

Kaplan Avinoam, Class no.16

Kaplan Eliyahu, Class no.1 (1948)

Kaplensky Yitzhak, Class no.6

Kappelfloog, Class no.7

Karlin Abraham, Class no.9

Karmish Tzvi, Class no.11

Karnensky (Karni) Josef, Class no.16

Karnensky Israel, Class no.15

Karni Nahaman, Class no.19

Karniel Shmuel, Class no.1 (1948)

Karol Ahiam, Class no.9

Karol Dov, Class no.13

Karol Tzvi, Class no.5

Karon David, Class no.10

Karsani Yoel, Class no.17

Kartzownik (Gilad) Yigal, Class no.16

Kasbiner Mordechay (Jeda), Class no.16

Kasle Aryeh, Class no.10

Katzav (Kedem) Yitzhak, Class no.1 (1948)

Kazshther David, Class no.17

Kelman Menahem, Class no.14

Kelman Moshe, Class no. 16

Kendle David, Class no.16

Kesler Eli, Class no.17

Kimhi Aharon, Class no.1 (1948)

Kinberg (Kainan) Josef, Class no.16

Kipnis Ben-Tzion, Class no.1 (1948)

Kisiler Shalom, Class no.1 (1948)

Kislov Tolia, Class no.1

Kiva Haim, Class no.15

Kizle (Brut) Tzipora, Class no.17

Klasernat Pesach, Class no.15

Kleper (Nir) Aryeh, Class no.12

Klepman Jacob, Class no.17

Kliger Mordechay, Class no.18

Kluger Peretz, Class no. 14

Klyn David, Class no.17

Klyn Dov, Class no.10

Klyn Shlomo, Class no.6

Klynman (Agmon) Tzvi, Class no.18

Knoler Yhoyachin, Class no.17

Kobel Pesach, Class no.13

Kobetz Tzvi, Class no.15

Koch (Avidan) Shimon, Class no.8, 14

Kofortes Asher, Class no.1 (1948)

Kolek Poul, Class no.1 (1948)

Kopelman Menahem, Class no.8

Koperman Baruch, Class no.7

Koperman Haim, Class no.1 (1948)

Kopernik, Class no.4

Koplewitz Levi, Class no.15

Koplowitz Shmaryahu, Class no.15

Koppel Menahem, Class no.1 (1948)

Koppel Pinchas, Class no.10

Koppel Shlomo, Class no.5

Korin Jacob, Class no.1 (1948)

Kositzky Matityahu, Class no.6

Kotler Shimon, Class no.1 (1948)

Kotzer Aryeh, Class no.17

Kozolowsky Efraim, Class no.16

Kozthcob Micha, Class no.14

Kramer (Kerem) Haim, Class no.5

Kramer (Shadmi) Nahum, Class no.3

Kramer (Shadmi) Ysashar, Class no.16

Krarlinsky Gershon, Class no.18

Krawitzky Moshe, Class no.1 (1948)

Kremertz Shmuel, Class no.15

Kresner Dov, Class no.1 (1948)

Krichiwsky Abraham, Class no.2,

Kriger David, Class no.18

Kringle Shmuel, Class no.1 (1948)

Kriwitzky (Keren) David, Class no.12

Krobant (Dror) Jacob, Class no.12

Kroksle Haim, Class no.7

Kryzle Shmuel, Class no.15

Kuchinsky (Adek) Abraham, Class no.11

Kuchinsky Me'er, Class no.1 (1948)

Kushnere Eyal, Class no.1 (1948)

Kynman (Eldad) Tzion, Class no.16