Juara Museum
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Juara Israel the birthplace of the Haganah and the IDF.

The Juara museum was founded in the stone house that stood at the center of kibbutz Ein-Hashofet, having been raised there on July 1937 as a Stockade and Watchtower settlement. Juara became the main headquarters for all types of courses led by the Haganah from summer of 1938, with the transition of the settlers into the permanent location of kibbutz Ein-Hashofet.
In 1939, a Squad Commander (Chish) training course (second course) was held, headed by Yigal Alon.
The first Platoon Commander course in Juara took place in the summer of 1941. In the following years, platoon commander, senior commander advanced training and regional commander courses were held there until the establishment of the state and the IDF.
Juara served as a military training base for the IDF's Nachal Unit (Fighting Pioneer Youth) and later on as the Squad Commander's training school for the Golani Division.
In 1970, Juara was inaugurated as a Gadna (Youth Battalions) base and nowadays deals with training overseas youth in basic military training and preparing Israel youth for their army service.