Battalion commanders during the transition from "Hagana" into becoming I.D.F and during the War of Independence

Arieli Tanhum- Hish, 35&37 Battalion
Bar Lev Haim- Palmach, 8&9 Battalion
Bar Sever Ze'ev- Hish, 34& 58 Battalion
Barkat Shmaya- Hish, 42 Battalion
Barzily Aviv- Hish, 52 Battalion
Ben Ami Pechter- Hish, 21 Battalion
Ben Ari Tzvi- Hish, 24 Battalion
Ben Gurion Amos- Hish, 42 Battalion
Ben Tzion Inbar- Hish, 22 Battalion
Berenzon Efraim- Hish, 42&82 Battalion
Biatos Felix- Hish, 82 Battalion
Bibergal Yaakov- Hish, 41 Battalion
Broshi Yitzhak- Hish, 12 Battalion
Caduri Efraim- Hish, 51 Battalion
Carmi Israel- Palmach, 9 Battalion
Chavilio Shlomo- Hish, 64 Battalion
Davidzon Meir- Hish, 51 Battalion
Dayan Moshe- Hish, 89 (81) Battalion
Dror Shalom- Hish, 63 Battalion
DrorYaakov- Hish, 14 Battalion
Elan Moshe- Hish, 13 Battalion
Feferman Hilel- Hish, 35 Battalion
Fradkin David- Hish, 12 Battalion
Fridman Aviezer- Hish, 11 Battalion
Gilat Tzvi- Hish, 72 Battalion
Goren Moshe- Hish, 15 Battalion
Gur Dov- Hish, 33 Battalion
Itiel Amichay- Palmach, First Battalion
Katz Eliyahu- Etzel, 35 Battalion
Kelman Moshe- Palmach, 3 Battalion
Laner Dan- Plmach, First Battalion
Lascov Haim- Hish, 73&79 Battalion
Lior Israel- Hish, 11 Battalion
Livni Eitan Yeruham- Etzel, 57 Battalion
Mart Zalman- Hish, 61 Battalion
Maxim- Hish, 23&34 Battalion
Narkis Uzi- Palmach, 4&7 Battalion
Netzer Moshe- Palmach, Second Battalion
Nur Sela Yaakov- Hish, 31 Battalion
Ofer David- Hish, 34 Battalion
Orbach Eldad- Hish, 54 Battalion
Oren Nathan- Hish, 32 Battalion
Peled Avraham- Hish, 22 Battalion
Peri Yaakov- Hish, 52 Battalion
Pundak Yitzhak- Hish, 53 Battalion
Rusak Menahem- Palmach, 5 Battalion
Shadmi Yisashar- Palmach, 5 Battalion
Shif Yeshuroon- Hish, 63Battalion
Simchoni Asaf- Palmach, first Battalion
Simon Aryeh- Hish, 43 Battalion
Tamir Yehuda- Hish, 43 Battalion
Tzesis Dov- Hish, 21 Battalion
Tzur Tzvi- Hish, 54 Battalion
Waiman Moshe- Hish, 44 Battalion
Wainshtein Pinchas- Hish, 92 (82) Battalion
Walach Yehuda- Hish, 51 Battalion
Wardi Refael- Hish, 55 Battalion
Werber Yehuda- Hish, 71 Battalion
Yafe Avraham- Hish, 12&13 Battalion
Yafe Shaul- Palmach, 5 Battalion
Yariv Yosef- Palmach, 8 Battalion
Yftach Shimon - Hish, 24 Battalion
Zamir Tzvi- Palmach, 6 Battalion
Zariz Yohanan- Palmach, 7 Battalion
Zorea Meir- Hish, 62 Battalion